Understanding the Project

HomeBase is a joint venture between Love N Kindness Community Development Corporation (CDC) and Joy JEM along with local stakeholders.

Backed by successful Community Development Corporations

Two community development corporations came together to create HomeBase. Kurk Edwards created Joy JEM and Pastor Hicks created Love N Kindness to operate the Faith Clinic Church of God in Christ. The pair’s goal: leverage the work of existing CDCs to restore the vision of the Rev. Eddie Edwards and continue the pioneering work of Pastor Hicks.

Create home for vets

The project will create 91 one-bedroom apartments for single male veterans who need safe, decent and sanitary housing.

Restore the former glory of this neighborhood

Prior to Detroit’s economic downturn, the Ravendale neighborhood—a community of about 20,000 on Detroit’s eastside, was a vibrant place. Vets are currently served by transitional housing, supported by Faith Clinic Outreach Church Service Center next door.

Our focus is on the area bounded by Wade Street to the north, Evanston Street to the south, Barrett Avenue to the west and Annsbury Avenue to the east. However studies have shown that the positive effects of establishing stable, self-sustaining communities extend well beyond their boundaries.

Create jobs

The project will create both permanent jobs and temporary jobs in service, construction, manufacturing, education, municipality and technology industries.

Upgrade basic services. Stabilize value.

Redevelopment will also improve city water, sewage and electrical systems. Plus, efforts will help stabilize property values and taxes.