Our Role + Impact

What’s our promise?

HomeBase promises to rehabilitate five abandoned parcels of land on Detroit’s east side, to create apartments that will give vets safe, decent and sanitary homes.

How much do we need?

To get started, $150,000 in seed money plus ongoing funding to support and sustain this $20 million multiphase project. So far, we’ve received $300,000 in in-kind donations.

Others who will coordinate and fill service needs:

  • Neighborhood Service Organization
  • Samaritan Center
  • Veteran’s Affairs Detroit Healthcare System

Why should you help?

Detroit is working hard to restore its former glory. This community is an example of what can be replicated across our state: Create affordable housing for vets as the pillar and in turn the community becomes safer and stronger. Providing affordable housing for vets will help create a safer and stronger community, and in turn establish a model that can be replicated across our state and beyond.

Think of HomeBase like a chain reaction. It starts with us reaching out to help a group of guys restore their dignity and a neighborhood to reinforce its infrastructure (with basics like water and sewage). In doing so, we’re responding to a foundational call of duty that we share as a proud state.